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We have discounted three types of  properties for this exclusive offer. Land for sale in Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado at these prices and terms is extremely rare. This may well be the lowest “per acre” priced land in the United States that offers a warranty deed. Unbelievably priced, starting as low as $494 per acre, this is the best value anywhere! History proves you can’t lose money owning land if purchased cheap enough and held long enough!

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Established 10 years ago as a clearinghouse for unimproved land, is the largest and most reputable online government surplus land auction company in the United States. Having sold over 24,000 properties, has established a solid track record and credibility in the online land auction marketplace. is not a governmental agency, but a private company that works closely with a variety of government agencies to purchase parcels of land in bulk. We buy raw land for investment, and real estate from state, county and city governments through foreclosures, bankruptcies, tax lien sales, surplus land and liquidation sales. We also purchase land from estates and trusts.

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Land - Payment and Assume: Your Buy It Now price is for the down payment only, you will then assume the low balance/monthly payments noted in the terms section of the property you are purchasing, plus a low processing fee of $199.00. Most images are of the general area and may not be of actual property.
We charge $6 per month collection fee - yearly taxes will be prorated over 12 months. The Collection fee and yearly taxes will show on your payment coupon along with your monthly payment.
Local Taxes Apply
Terms and Conditions
All parcels must be paid for within 5 working days by the respective purchaser. These properties are offered as Payment and Assume sales. Your initial payment on these types of properties is your down payment, you then will assume the low balance and low monthly payment (noted in the terms on that specific property). will prepare all paperwork to insure a proper transaction. Once paid in full, property will be deeded by legal binding warranty deed.


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